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An illustration of a woman working on a computer and on the Acceptance & Evaluation criteria
C.5 - Approve the requirements

01 – Acceptance & Evaluation Criteria

The Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria technique is a must-know skill for any business professional. It analyzes a set of criteria and determines the best possible solution.

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illustration of a backlog with a kanban

02 – Backlog Management

Backlog Management takes the form of a list with everything needed to achieve a solution. It also records, tracks, and prioritizes remaining work items.

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D.2 - Define the future state

03 – Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management tool. Its purpose is to calculate organizational performance beyond the traditional financial measures. It is outcome-focused and provides a balanced view of an enterprise by implementing the strategic plan as an active framework of objectives and performance measures.

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A.1 - Plan Business Analysis Approach

05 – Brainstorming

The brainstorming process is devised in 1940 by advertising executive Alex Osborn who believed that there were two main factors contributing to the creation of ideas: deferral of judgment and reaching out for quantity (and not quality).

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A.1 - Plan Business Analysis Approach

07 – Business Case

A business case consists preparing justification and the reasons why a certain project or concept should be undertaken.

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A.2 - Plan Stakeholder Engagement

09 – Business Rules Analysis

Business rules analysis is the process of identifying and examining the rules that govern a business, organization, or system. This process is typically used to understand how a business operates and to identify potential areas for improvement.

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B.2 - Perform the elicitation

10 – Collaborative Games

Collaborative games or workshops aim at promoting cooperation within your team and provides it with a common goal so that all the members participating in the game can work together.

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The Eisenhower matrix create by BA Toolkit
B.1 - Prepare the elicitation

104 – Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix, also known as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, is a tool used to prioritize tasks by determining which tasks are urgent and important.

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B.2 - Perform the elicitation

11 – Concept Modelling

Concept modeling is a process of creating a visual representation of a concept or idea. This can be done using diagrams, charts, or other visual tools to communicate the concept in a clear and concise manner.

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Team of business analyts using a data dictionary to organize data in their company
E.1 - Specify and modelling

12 – Data Dictionary

In business analysis, the data dictionary method is a technique used to document and organize information about the data used in a business or organization. A data dictionary is a collection of information about the data elements used in a business, including their definitions, sources, and relationships to other data elements.

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