A business model canvas (BMC) is a strategic management tool. It describes how a company creates, delivers, and captures value.

It takes form in a graphic and shows various elements such as value propositions, your financial situation, or your operational structure.

A BMC is built upon a single reference model inventorying common points between several activities.

Why create and use a business model canvas?

A business model canvas allows the mapping of programs, projects, and other initiatives (such as recruitment or talent retention) to the strategy of the company. In this capacity, the company is able to know where it is investing, where a particular initiative fits, and view any related initiative.

A business model canvas can also be used to demonstrate where the efforts of various departments and work groups fit and align to the overall strategy of the enterprise.

It also serves as a start-up template for creating a brand-new product or service or improving upon an existing business model structure.

Constructing a business model canvas​

Some advice

Using a Business Model Canvas

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