Category: F.5 – Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value

A.1 - Plan Business Analysis Approach

45 – Survey or Questionnaire

A survey or questionnaire is a research method used to gather information from a group of people. Surveys are a common technique used in business analysis to collect data and insights about a business, its processes, and its stakeholders.

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A.1 - Plan Business Analysis Approach

38 – Risk Analysis Management

Risk analysis and management is the process of identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks that could potentially impact the success of a business or project. It is a key part of business analysis, as it helps organizations to understand and manage the potential risks and uncertainties that they face.

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B.2 - Perform the elicitation

21 – Focus Groups

A focus group is a qualitative research technique used to gather insights and opinions about a particular topic or issue. It is a type of group interview, in which a moderated discussion is held with a small, homogeneous group of participants who are selected based on certain characteristics.

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C.3 - Prioritise the requirements

16 – Decision Analysis

Decision analysis (often called ‘’DA’’) is a quantitative and systematic evaluation of the choices that need to be made. It supports decisions with technical reasoning and related evidence, as well as other elements like Management, training, economics, and physiological.

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A.1 - Plan Business Analysis Approach

20 – Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is the process of evaluating a company’s financial performance and position, using financial statements and other financial data. It is a key part of business analysis, as it allows analysts to understand a company’s financial health and to identify potential risks and opportunities.

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