Decision modeling shows how repeatable business decisions are made.

Decision models present how data and knowledge are combined to make a specific decision (simple or complex).

A comprehensive decision model is an overarching model linked to processes, performance measures, and organizations. It shows where the business rules come from and represents decisions as analytical insight.

For a business, making decisions is one of the most important aspect. A common mistake is formalizing the process and not decisions, which leads to neglecting these.  However, decisions are as important, if not more, as processes. They have your business and struggles at stake and represent a core aspect of business management.

Decision modeling is here to help you make the best suited decisions without altering your business’ integrity.

Why use Decision Modeling?

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This is the biggest benefit offered by decision modeling. With a channelized and modeled decision-making process, your business process will experience the highest degree of efficiency.

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A higher efficiency means a decrease of errors and contradictions. Decision modeling organizes tasks so your team knows what they have to do.

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A formalized decision-making process also means a formalized business process.

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Improves the transparency of decision-making by representing decisions in a format that allows business experts and IT to share a deep understanding of them

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Ensuring that regardless of business process or channel, the same decisions are reused where appropriate improve the consistency of business operations

How to do Decision Modeling

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