Companies adapt their products or services to various customer types.

To ensure your company’s sustainability, seek to build the ideal relationship with your customers. Think about ways of improving your products or services to offer an enhanced customer experience.

Here are 3 questions to guide you:

  • Which means are mobilized to gain more customers?
  • What can be done to keep current customers?
  • How to raise income with current customers?

Customer relationships are inherently complex and differs from company to company. They can take various forms:​

  • Community: Loyal customers interact with one another and with the company and share information.

  • Personal assistance: A staff member and a customer form a solid relationship (for instance, after a sale). The company can strengthen this bond by designating someone to attend to the needs of the client and ensure his/her satisfaction.

  • Automated customer service: This system examines the individual needs of the customers and finds a way to help them with the sales process. It is less personal than personal assistance but can be just as effective.

  • Customized product: Once a company develops a solid relationship with a customer, it can focus on his/her real needs and guide him/her more accurately.

  • Self-service: This system does not provide interaction between a customer and the company. Customers are provided with every required tool to serve themselves.

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