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According to BABOK, Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change. In the context of an enterprise, it defines needs and recommends solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. 

Business Analysis enables a deep understanding of the structure, policies, and operations of an enterprise. It also recommends solutions to achieve its objectives. 

According to BABOK, a Business Analyst is a person who performs business analysis, no matter their job title or organizational role.

Different job titles and organisation roles include System Analyst, Requirements Analyst, Process Analyst, Product Analyst, Product Manager, Product Owner. Someone who performs the tasks described in the BABOK, including Project Manager, Software Developer, Tester, etc, also carry out business analysis.

Thanks to the enterprise’s search for innovation and constant changes in technological trends, the BA profession is increasing in demand among the job market. A Business Analyst is crucial for product and process innovation.

The IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) is a non-profit association founded in Toronto, Canada in October 2003.

The IIBA aims to facilitate the work of professionals working in business analysis. It supports the business analysis community by:  

  • Creating and developing awareness and recognition of the value and contribution of the business analyst.
  • Defining the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK).
  • Providing a forum for sharing knowledge and contributing to the business analysis profession.
  • Publicly recognizing and certifying qualified practitioners through an internationally acknowledged certification program.

BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) is a guide published and maintained by the IIBA, recognized as a standard for Business Analysis practices. The BABOK guide describes the knowledge areas of Business Analysis, their respective activities and tasks, and the skills needed to be effective in their execution. 

According to itself, BABOK’s primary purpose is to define the profession of business analyst and provide to it a set of commonly accepted practices.  


The BA Toolkit is a tool created by CreativMinds, a Geneva-based strategy consulting firm, who specializes in digital transformation with a strong expertise in Business Analysis.

It was born from collaborative workshops with experienced Business Analysts who expressed their needs and difficulties in the daily practice of Business Analysis.

In response to these challenges, the BA Toolkit was designed specifically for both accomplished and novice Business Analysts. It offers a comprehensive and visual digital support of the BABOK techniques and more.

It allows professionals to implement these techniques in a simple, interactive, and immediately applicable way.

The idea is that each technique presented is simplified, illustrated, and includes a use case in video format, templates, checklist, examples, as well as knowledge validation quizzes for deeper understanding.

Click here to learn more about the creation of the BA Toolkit.

When performing business analysis tasks, the Business Analysts may employ different knowledge, skills, terminology, and attitudes. When using BABOK as a guide, many business analysts think it is a hard read and that it might be difficult to apply it in real situations.  

If it is also your case and you are seeking to a visual guide with simple and direct explanations, tips & tricks, videos, examples, templates, and more, you are in the right place! The platform is currently available in English and French. 

On top of that, you will be able to share and discuss experiences, questions, and ideas with other business analysts through forum and blogs.

BA Toolkit is frequently and regularly improved with new information and techniques (even those that are not found in BABOK). After all, Business Analysis is constantly evolving!

With the BA Toolkit, you will find that Business Analysis has never been easier! BA ToolKit will facilitate your life with everything you need in one place. We are open to new ideas, and we would love to hear your feedback.

27 techniques are currently available, and new ones are added each month, as well as new videos and features.

It is far more than that! BA Toolkit is based on the BABOK techniques, but the goal is to create a complete and continuously evolving tool containing not only techniques but also all useful information to business analysis in a centralized and practical way.


BA ToolKit is a living and constantly evolving tool. All members have access to all content and its clear and practical explanations, videos, examples, checklist, quizz, etc… all in a fun and playful way. In addition, you will have access to a business analyst community where you can ask questions and exchange experiences. BA Toolkit also proposes recurring events of BA meetings and offers blog articles on current and important topics. In short, you will find everything you need in one place!

No matter what your goal is, BA Toolkit is made for you!

  • Get IIBA business analyst certification (CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, etc).
  • Be a business analyst.
  • Guide for use in your day to day.

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It is far more than that! BA Toolkit is based on the BABOK techniques, but the goal is to create a complete and continuously evolving tool containing not only techniques but also all useful information to business analysis in a centralized and practical way.

Yes, you can!

If you are interested in being our partner and help us improve the BA Toolkit by creating new techniques or improving the current ones (e.g., including templates, examples, checklists, or use cases), please contact contact@creativminds.ch

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