An interview is designed to elicit information and requirements from a person or a group through questions and their documentation.

It implies direct communication with individuals or with groups of people who are part of an initiative.

One-on-one interviews are the most common. In a group interview (with more than one interviewee in attendance), the person in charge is careful to elicit responses from each participant.

2 types of interviews

  • Structured Interview: the interviewer asks predefined questions.

  • Unstructured Interview: the interviewer asks their questions based on interviewee responses and interactions.

Ideally, business analysts use a combination of structured and unstructured questions.

Why conduct interviews?

Interpersonal skills

  • Creates trusting relationships between stakeholders and business analysts.

  • Strengthens stakeholders’ involvement.

  • Fosters cooperation in seeking solutions through conversation.

  • Allows for non-verbal expression observation.


  • Simple, direct and usable in numerous situations.  

  • Allows the person in charge and participants to analyse topics in depth and to provide explanations on questions and responses.

  • The person in charge can ask complementary thorough questions in order to confirm their own understanding.

  • Helps participants to deliver honest responses, especially in the event of an anonymous interview.

How to prepare and to conduct an interview

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