A mind map portrays the various ideas, thoughts and information you can have and organises them in a two-dimensional structure, thus representing them in a more graphical way than notes or texts, using images, colour, words and connected relationships.

Its conception is similar to the way your brain creates ideas, which means that your mind is involved to a higher extent.
Mind mapping enhances information structuration, comprehension, and creation. Like most great ideas, its strength lies in its simplicity. And above all, it is fun!

Why use a mind map?​

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  • A mind map displays the hierarchy between each idea and sub-ideas.

  • It gives a global and visual view of your thoughts.

  • It is easily comprehensible when presented to other people.

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Illustration of two worker having a discussion
  • A complicated text is more approachable when transformed into a visual representation of topics.

  • Showing links between keywords enhances learning efficiency.

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  • Using a mind map for planning a work or initiative saves a considerable amount of time

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  • Drawing a mind map awakens some of our brain’s most creative capacities.

  • A mind map’s creation is instinctive, thus making it naturally harmonious and aligned to your thought process.

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  • Visual elements, such as images, shapes, colours, or connections, stimulates powerful triggers for our brain to process and memorize large amounts of information.

  • A mind map shows the logic behind certain reasonings. This makes ideas easier to understand and retain for our brain.

An illustration of a man thinking about process, dashboard, time and others subject of a business analyst

How to do a mind map

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