A workshop is a one-off event that brings together stakeholders and experts in a specific field for a short period of time. 

Participants work together to achieve a common goal.  

Why organise workshops?  

What is the purpose of a workshop? 

  • Plan, analyse, conceptualise, model. 
  • Scoping (for an initiative, requirement, solution, etc.). 
  • Elicit, verify, and prioritise requirements. 
  • Gathering ideas to develop new features or products. 
  • Reaching a consensus on an issue. 
  • Reviewing requirements or design. 
  • Make trade-offs. 


  • Enables agreement to be reached in a short time. 
  • Promotes confidence. 
  • Improves understanding between participants. 
  • Promotes the production of deliverables that structure and guide future work efforts. 
  • Encourages communication between stakeholders. 
  • Gives stakeholders a reason to invest, collaborate, and make decisions together. 
  • Costs less than conducting a series of interviews. 
  • It is a more efficient and quicker way to collect feedback from participants. 

How to organise a workshop ?

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