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Key indicators

The BADASS deck was built to make your life easier! Based on BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) techniques, the color of each card refers you to the main knowledge area of ​​the technique.

Other indicators like the difficulty level will help you know where you are going, and make the best choices!

The crucial points!

For each technique in the deck, you will find the different sections that will be useful to you for:
1. Understand what the technique is

2. Know When to Use It

3. A concrete example of application

4. Techniques linked to the card in question
This way, you will be able to easily understand the purpose of this technique, know if it corresponds to your needs, or if, on the contrary, an alternative technique would not be more suitable for you!

The fun but useful part!

For the back of each of our cards, we have created a very special design for you, with the most suitable format!
So, you will find cards that are more visual, others with a template, or still others with step-by-step steps.
Our goal ? Highlight the most important heart of each technique, so that, even if you have just discovered it, you are able to put it into practice!

And how are you going to use BADASS?

By developing our BADASS deck, we wanted to respond to different issues that often arise in the business world.
What we want is not only to offer you a solution to application problems, but also to offer you a new way to think about your projects, plan them, and communicate with your colleagues or stakeholders , all with a touch of fun and lots of color!
Obviously, our list of use cases is far from exhaustive, and we can't wait to find out how you bring your deck to life!