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BABOK techniques in ebooks and microlearning

Find in the BA Toolkit all the important information to train yourself in the different BABOK techniques and use them on a daily basis.

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    Take advantage of the benefits of our ebooks and microlearning to develop your knowledge and skills. Learn in an interactive and engaging way with use cases and help pdfs. Business analysis will no longer have any secrets thanks to the BA Toolkit.

  • Get certified

    The ebooks and microlearning available on the BA Toolkit help you obtain certification as a business analyst. Regardless of the certification body, our resources allow you to understand and master business analyst techniques. Develop your skills in a flexible and practical way.

  • Apply daily

    As a Business Analyst or professional leveraging the power of business analysis techniques, our resources are ideal to support you in your everyday work.

Facilitates learning to pass the Business Analyst certification

Use our ebooks on a daily basis as part of your professional activity or to pass a certification.
Train yourself in business analysis thanks to our microlearning.

Les produits du BA Toolkit

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There are multiple methods for business analysts, and it is not imperative to memorize them all. Our ebooks are perfect resources for refreshing or learning a method you haven't used in a while or are tackling for the first time.

In just 5 to 10 minutes of reading one of our Ebooks, obtain the essential elements to effectively apply the method in question.

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The methods used by business analysts can be complex and sometimes difficult to assimilate. Many of them are therefore content to master a limited number of techniques to avoid too long and tedious learning.

Our microlearning modules aim to clarify these techniques through a refined educational approach. To do this, we offer various educational tools, including quizzes, videos and case studies. With each microlearning the technique ebook is included in the resources.

How to use the BA Toolkit?

The BA Toolkit guides you through the crucial stages of your projects, in perfect alignment with BABOK best practices. All of our techniques are categorized into one or more of the six knowledge areas of business analysis:

  • Planning and monitoring
  • Elicitation and collaboration
  • Requirements lifecycle
  • Strategic analysis
  • Needs analysis and design
  • Solution evaluation

BA Toolkit FAQ

What is the BA Toolkit?

The BA Toolkit is a tool created by CreativMinds , a digital strategy consultancy based in Nyon. CreativMinds consultants specialize in digital transformation with strong expertise in Business Analysis and Change Management.

It was born from collaborative workshops with experienced business analysts who expressed their needs and difficulties in the daily practice of business analysis.

In response to these challenges, the BA Toolkit was designed specifically for both accomplished and novice business analysts. It offers comprehensive and visual digital support for BABOK techniques and more.

It allows professionals to implement these techniques in a simple, interactive and immediately applicable way.

The idea is that each technique presented is simplified, illustrated, and includes a use case in video format, templates, a checklist, examples, as well as knowledge validation quizzes for deeper understanding.

Learn more about creating the BA-Toolkit.

Why the BA Toolkit?

When carrying out their Business Analysis missions, business analysts mobilize various knowledge, skills, specific terms and attitudes.
However, when referring to the BABOK, many analysts believe that it is difficult to read and that its concrete application can prove complicated in real situations.
If you're looking for a visual guide with simple, straightforward explanations, tips and tricks, videos, examples, templates, and more, you've come to the right place!
The platform is currently available in English and French.

What is currently in the BA Toolkit?

6 techniques are currently available, with new ones added every month, along with new videos and features.

Does the BA Toolkit only contain BABOK techniques?

It's much more than that! The BA Toolkit is based on the techniques proposed by BABOK, but the objective is to create a complete and constantly evolving tool containing not only techniques but also all the information useful for business analysis in a centralized and practical way.

How can I contribute to improving the BA Toolkit?

If you would like to become our partner and help improve the BA Toolkit by creating new techniques or improving current techniques (for example, including templates, examples, checklists or use cases), contact us via the contact form.

Can I have a presentation of the BA Toolkit?

Simply contact us by filling out our contact form .
We will contact you as soon as possible.
Would you like to have an overview of the content of an Ebook or Microlearning?
One of our techniques is free for people who have created an account on our BA Toolkit site.

In what language are the BA Toolkit techniques available?

The techniques currently available are in French. The English version will be released soon.

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