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Explore our selection of eBooks organized into six key categories of business analysis. Whether you are looking to plan your projects, collaborate effectively, manage requirements, define strategies, design solutions or evaluate their performance, we have what you need! Click on each category to explore available resources and find the ideal solution for your needs.

Planning and Monitoring Business Analytics

Need to plan your business analysis activities and track progress like a pro? This category is made for you! Find out how to define your tasks, manage your team's performance and adjust your plan to achieve your goals.

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Elicitation and collaboration

Gathering information and collaborating with stakeholders is an art! Here, you will find all the techniques to elicit needs effectively and work hand in hand with your collaborators throughout the project.

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Requirements lifecycle management

Managing requirements, from their identification to their validation, is crucial. Learn to maintain consistency and relevance of needs, manage change and ensure that solutions meet expectations.

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Strategy analysis

Want to understand the context of your business and define top strategies? This category helps you assess the current situation, develop strategies aligned with your organization's objectives, and make the right decisions.

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Requirements analysis and design definition

Transforming needs into concrete solutions, is that your thing? Dive in here to learn how to analyze requirements, design detailed systems, create prototypes, and verify that the solution fully meets stakeholder expectations.

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Solution evaluation

Your solution is in place, but is it effective? This category guides you to evaluate the performance of your solution, identify potential improvements and ensure that it provides all the expected value.

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