Our BADASS deck

Revolutionize business analysis with the BADASS Deck

Maximize the potential of your business analyzes and strategies instantly with our innovative card deck! Created for business analysts, this tool transforms your brainstorming sessions, facilitating the transformation of ideas into concrete and effective strategies.


How to use the BADASS deck?

The deck allows you to optimize the definition of needs, ensure precise strategic alignment and design avant-garde solutions. It is therefore the key to converting analysis into concrete actions and propelling your projects towards success, by making each step clearer and more effective, map after map.

  • Brainstorming

    Sit down alone or in a team, and develop your strategies! An identified need, for your team, your project, or for a client? Deck in hand, explore the techniques appropriate to your situation using the “When to use this technique” section. Take advantage of the related techniques listed to discover different options, and define the appropriate strategy.

  • Training

    Are you new to business analysis, project management, entrepreneurship or any other field related to the world of business? Then the BADASS deck is made for you! Thanks to the different cards, learn how to perform each technique effectively. Find out how and when they can be used, and keep your deck handy as a reminder!

  • Communication

    If you come from the business world, you have probably already noticed that it is sometimes complicated to clearly communicate your ideas to your stakeholders, clients or colleagues. The BADASS deck offers you a solution that is both fun and relevant! You can now present the steps of your strategies card by card, and why not open the debate on the best techniques to choose.

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