A look back at the IIBA 2023 conference day: Innovations, Meetings and Perspectives

The IIBA day of September 26, 2023 was a memorable event for all Business Analysis professionals. For us, it was an exceptional opportunity to present our product, the Ba Toolkit, and to meet professionals in the field.

The IIBA: a Pillar of Business Analysis:

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is a professional association dedicated to the promotion and development of Business Analysis. It provides an exchange, training and certification platform for business analysts around the world. It is with the objective of bringing together lots of professionals in the field that the IIBA Geneva organized a conference day on September 26 in which we participated.

The conferences that marked us:

  • Holism in business analysis: understanding the organization as a whole and its components , presented by Stefan Bossuwé. Stefan introduced us to the world of #HolisticBusinessAnalysis, an approach that views the organization as a whole and not as a simple collection of several parts. He emphasized the importance of seeing beyond tasks and techniques and embracing a holistic view.
  • How to use data and generative AI (GPT) to perform in business analysis? Conference given by Thibault Pierotti and Rémi Sabonnadière. This presentation was an exciting exploration of the impact of generative AI on business analysis. They showed us how ChatGPT-based tools can transform business processes, increase efficiency and drive business growth.
  • Evolving as a BA: drawing inspiration from UX to build engaging and effective workshops by Marie Kuter: She shared her expertise in workshop design and animation, offering principles and tips for building effective and engaging workshops.
  • Presentation of the IIBA Geneva study groups by Christine Du, Pierre Alain Dubois and David Laou: A presentation of collaborative training allowing you to understand BABOK, the global business analysis benchmark.

Lists of the different IIBA conferences.

The partners of the IIBA 2023 congress:

As a company with expertise in business analysis, the IIBA congress is an unmissable event. This is why, like the BA Toolkit, others also participated in partnership with the congress. Whether it is Stands, conferences, or any other types of participation, we thank them for their presence and welcome, it was a real pleasure to exchange with them:

  • ELCA , In July 2023, joins the partners supporting the IIBA Geneva association. As a player in the digital transformation of Switzerland for more than 55 years, ELCA participates in the promotion of excellence in business management and the development of the skills of its employees, while promoting the exchange of knowledge within of the French-speaking Swiss community.

    With more than 2,000 experts, the ELCA Group is a leading independent Swiss service provider specializing in cybersecurity, cloud, IT consulting, software development and IT system integration.

  • ReqEN , consulting represented by Stéphane Badreau is a consultant, coach and trainer with recognized expertise in the development of complex systems and software. With more than 30 years of experience in engineering, Stéphane works in agile contexts and helps his clients implement good agility practices at scale and transform businesses for Information Systems and 'industry. You can find him on LinkedIn:
  • SMP , Swiss Project Management Company, is, in French-speaking Switzerland, the exchange platform for project management. Its objectives fall into three areas: Develop professionalism in project management; Create a network of professionals in the field; Collaborate on the subject with the academic world
    The SMP association offers various activities for this purpose: Advice on training and certifications; Personalized support in the certification process; Monthly evenings; And of course the Annual Congress, the next edition of which will take place on April 4, 2023, on the theme “Project management: the challenge of data”
  • ITerium Services , an IT services company, active in French-speaking Switzerland for almost a decade. We work with a network of consultants. We are Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers or Testers. We know each other from having already worked together or because we are active in the same professional associations. For this reason, we have no doubt when we send you a profile that this is a reliable person. Helping you carry out your projects successfully is our ambition.
  • Amaris Consulting
  • Redsen
  • Smart Gecko
  • Ammelis
  • Silicom group
  • Effixis
  • Expleo
  • MKO
  • Positive Thinking Company
  • Skmf

Our Contribution: the BA Toolkit in full swing:

Now let's talk a little about us. We had the honor of presenting the BA Toolkit, our innovative solution for business analysts. The result of close collaboration with professionals in the field, the BA Toolkit offers:

Ebooks: complete guides to deepen your knowledge and skills in a technique.
BADASS card deck : practical tools to always have key information on hand.

Photograph of the BA Toolkit's participation during the IIBA congress

Meetings and exchanges: the Heart of the IIBA:

One of the highlights of this day was the meetings with other Business Analysis professionals. We would like to warmly thank all the people who came to meet us, exchange ideas, share their experiences and discover the BA Toolkit. These moments of exchange are precious and remind us of the importance of community in our profession.

Perspective: see you at IIBA Geneva 2024:

We are already looking forward to participating in IIBA Geneva again next year. In the meantime, we will continue to work with passion to offer the best tools and resources to the Business Analysis community.

A glasses wipe, an anti-stress ball and a game box, all with the logo and color of the BA Toolkit offered during the IIBA 2023 congress

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