Living lab: What uses can be made of the BADASS deck?

Creativity in motion: zoom on the Living Lab from 14.11.2023

A week ago, our team hosted an exciting living lab for the BA Toolkit Card Deck. These cards, designed with passion and dedication, are full of Business Analysis techniques and practical advice. Our objective ? Ensuring that this product perfectly meets the expectations of our future users. For this, we sought the expertise of professionals in Business Analysis.  
The living lab, a complete success, took place online via Klaxoon, an ideal tool for interactive virtual workshops. Participants had the opportunity to explore the cards, design usage scenarios, and freely share their impressions. These discussions were extremely enriching, revealing unexpected facets of our product and highlighting areas for improvement. Seeing our maps in use live by future users was an invaluable experience, paving the way for future innovations.  


Behind the scenes of the Living Lab BA Toolkit  

Here is an overview of our living lab, where we combined seriousness and friendliness to obtain constructive feedback.

Engaging Ice Breaker: We started with a fun game of ice breaker where each participant shared two truths and a lie about themselves. It was a fun way to lighten the mood, promoting pleasant group dynamics and open communication for the rest of the session.

Exploration of digital maps: Next, it’s time to discover the digital maps of the BA Toolkit. Participants had the opportunity to explore them, test them and share their impressions and questions live. This stage sparked discussions rich in perspectives and ideas.  

Screenshot of the living lab board, the cards from the BADASS deck

Creation of use scenarios: For this activity, we invited participants to imagine concrete uses for the cards. They proposed varied scenarios, adapted to different profiles, from students to project managers, including business analysts of all levels. The presentation of these use cases generated fruitful exchanges, further enriching the ideas.

Evaluation and ranking of ideas: In conclusion, we have established a value scale to rank the different suggestions and comments. This collaborative activity allowed for constructive debate on the usefulness and appeal of the ideas, providing valuable insights into the product's strengths and areas for improvement.  

Screenshot of the living lab board with participants' opinions on the uses of BADASS cardsScreenshot of the living lab board of the interest scale of the features of the BADASS deck

This workshop structure not only facilitated the collection of detailed feedback on our card deck, but also stimulated participant interaction and engagement, creating an environment conducive to collaborative innovation.  


Post-Living Lab debriefing: towards a thoughtful evolution of the cards 

After the living lab, the entire BA Toolkit team gathered to debrief. Each idea was reviewed, thinking about its impact and place in this deck of cards. This meeting helped us better understand what our users expect and think about improvements for our product. The involvement of participants also opened the door to ideas for new features and future developments.

Key lessons from the Living Lab 

The living lab really spurred collaborative innovation, bringing together a variety of perspectives that refreshed our development process. The exchange with the participants brought a breath of fresh air, highlighting the importance of remaining open in our creative process and confirming that innovation thrives through diversity and sharing. 

This event reinforced our conviction that innovation is not a solitary process, but rather a collective journey. By welcoming outside ideas, we not only improved our product, but also broadened our vision. The living lab clearly demonstrated that the most relevant ideas often arise from collaboration and the diversity of shared experiences.


A warm thank you to the participants  

A huge thank you to everyone who participated! Your great ideas and great commitment have really been essential in evolving our cards. 

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