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BADASS Card Deck

BADASS Card Deck

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Pre-order the BADASS deck

Our latest innovation, the BADASS deck (Business Analysis Decision Accelerator Strategic Set) is arriving for 2024! Prepare to radically transform your approach to business analysis with this tool.

Seize this unique opportunity to be among the first to exploit the potential of the BADASS deck!

Essential tool for your business

Are you a business analyst, PMO, project manager, entrepreneur or even student? Whatever your experience or area of expertise, discover the first deck of cards dedicated to business analysis, entirely in French!

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How to use the BADASS deck?

The deck allows you to optimize the definition of needs, ensure precise strategic alignment and design avant-garde solutions. It is therefore the key to converting analysis into concrete actions and propelling your projects towards success, by making each step clearer and more effective, map after map.

  • To project managers

    Accelerate your strategic planning and ensure the success of your projects. Ideal for project managers, the BADASS deck transforms brainstorming into a powerful tool, allowing you to clarify direction, identify important steps, and unify your team toward common goals by simplifying every aspect of project management.

  • To Business Analysts

    Unlock the potential of your analyzes with our deck! Designed for business analysts, it transforms ideas into concrete strategies, optimizes the definition of needs and strategic alignment. Transforms analysis into action, propels projects towards success.

  • To entrepreneurs

    For you, who are looking for agile tools to seize opportunities, overcome challenges and grow sustainably, our card deck is the solution. It quickly transforms your brainstorming into concrete strategic plans. Each card clearly guides you to success, making the move from idea to action instant and effortless.

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